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The gravelroad Kostomuksha-Kalevala is of great importance both for local citizens, foreign and domestic tourists as for enterprises (transport of timber). The road has a length of 140 km but is during spring, summer and autumn always in very bad condition. The proposed action is to use finnish and swedish knowhow and experiences as a pilot project. It is possible to improve such a gravel road with help of profiling and the regular use of calcium chloride (dustbinding). Calcium chloride has been licensed in Russia but its use is still rather small. The project´s main partner is the Municipality of Suomussalmi and this project has been planned after the idea given by roadspecialist Pentti Komulainen and it will be realized in cooperation with the following partners: Ministry of Construction (Petrozavodsk), DRSU Kostomuksha, DRSU Kalevala and Finnmap Infra Oy, who has experience with the same kind of pilot project in the Leningrad district. Long-term experiences in Finland and Sweden show that it is possible to keep gravel roads in very good shape during the summer with rather low costs. The main goal of this project is to show that this is possible also in the Karelian Republic. Study trips for roadworkers of DRSU from both regions will be organised. Russian and finnish road specialists will work together on this cross-border project. The results of this project will be documentated on an educational video in order to transfer this knowhow later also to other regions in Russia.

The main target group are the citizens of Kalevala, Kostomuksha, Voknavolok and others. An important target group is also Swedwood Karelia Ltd, who is transporting timber from the Kalevala region. Final beneficiaries are domestic and foreign tourists, who visit the region of Voknavolok and Kalevala, which has a rich culture, and also the visitors of the Kalevala National Park. Many finnish delegations also use this road regularly.


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